Aims and Scope

ENTICS—Electronic Notes in Theoretical Informatics and Computer Science—is dedicated to publishing proceedings of high quality conferences and workshops that include significant theoretical advances in informatics and computer science. ENTICS is published online, and it assesses no publication charges, with all volumes being available as open access.

ENTICS is an overlay series: the papers in each volume are published on the research archival sites — the CORR arXiv, the HAL archive or the Zenodo archive — selected by the Organizers of each meeting whose Proceedings are published in ENTICS. The web pages for ENTICS are hosted on this Episciences platform; these pages include information about each volume in the series, with links to each paper on the selected archive. Since these archives maintain a number of mirror sites, this distributed publication approach ensures that papers published in ENTICS volumes are always available, and will be in the future.

We invite proposals from organizers seeking to publish the proceedings of their conference or workshop in a series that focuses on high-quality and that offers an open-access venue that charges no fees for publication. Each Proceedings appears as a volume in the ENTICS series. For details about how to submit a proposal, see Instructions for Organizers link in the Menu to the left.

Open Access Policy   

ENTICS is an online series whose publications are made freely available to copy, use, and distribute. Permissions are granted for users to download, share, and distribute the work, providing they give credit to the original author(s) through Creative Commons licensing.


We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of Episciences in hosting ENTICS as an overlay series and to the staff who help make this series possible. We also are grateful to INRIA for serving as publisher of the ENTICS series. The French government is to be commended for providing the financial support that underpins Episciences.

Michael Mislove, Managing Editor